User Manual

A comprehensive PDF manual has been written to allow you to get the most out of this third party tool for Elite Dangerous, or as a web page which will allow for easier browser language translation.

Setting up Key Bindings / MFD Button Presses

Additional information on how to setup key bindings for Cougar Display

Mission Log - Commodity / Search tutorial

The Mission Explorer module contains a wealth of information and getting to grips with how the search works can be daunting. This tutorial guide may help you get the most from this powerful feature.

Multi Monitors / Text to Speech / Troubleshooting

We realise that some of you have specific needs or complex rigs, so we've put together some technical aspects of this project to assist.
The document covers text to speech, using multiple graphics cards and selecting suitable additional monitors.

Visit this page for common troubleshooting issues (such as license file, cougar button press/key strokes)

License File Troubleshooting

Handy guide and license check utility for troubleshooting steps

Updating Cougar Display

Comprehensive steps on how to upgrade Cougar Display

Features Reference

View this features page for an overview of what MFD Cougar Display is all about.