nVidia Driver Issue

It appears that some people are experincing some "frame buffer incomplete" errors during startup (Font Initialisation).
At this moment in time it looks like a driver bug (446.14), and doesn't affect all models of nVidia hardware.
I'm investigating and will try and produce a workaround ... or nVidia may release new drivers at some point.
Meanwhile, please try running this test application and see if the nVidia Font workaround solves the issue. Please email the logs to me.

License File Issues

If your having issues with the license key, please follow these steps:

Clear Internet Explorer Cache

Behind the scenes, the application uses Windows API calls which in turn rely upon Internet Explorer to download files from the website.

Assuming you have windows 10...

  • Press WINDOWS key
    Type internet explorer in the "type here to explore"
    under "best match" select Internet Explorer app

  • In Internet explorer, click the Internet Options/Settings (cog icon on the far right next to the adrress bar)
    Click Delete button in the Browsing History section.
    Click Delete button to delete Temporary Internet Files.

  • Delete local license file
    Locate your installation folder for MFDCougar
    Navigate to the license folder and DELETE the licenses.txt file

  • You can now start MFDCougar

    Cougars - Not Responding to Key Press Binding

    Please ensure you're running version 1.13 or later.
    If your having issues with binding key presses, follow these steps:

    Elite Configuration

    Check that Elite is working in window mode - not full screen (using the menus in Elite to change mode)

    INI Configuration

  • Check that the MFDCougar.ini file has the name of the Elite window - something like Elite - Dangerous (CLIENT)
  • Check that Elite's window has the same title (use task manager to confirm)
  • There is a keyboard delay value you can experiment with. If the following section is missing, add it like this:

    Experiment by increasing the delay value (in milliseconds)
  • Testing Tools

  • You can see if the key presses are being sent if you have Thrustmaster's TARGET software.
    It comes with an EventViewer utility; this tool reports back what keys are being 'processed' / pressed. Since it's a global hook (like my own debug tool) it should confirm that the correct key presses are being sent.