Elite Dangerous Cougar Display


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I'm very impressed!

Bionic Bytes - I just fired this up today and after a few hiccups they are operational and I must say I'm very impressed! I have no idea what I'm doing in Elite (yet) but when I got the MFD's and installed screens for DCS I had no idea they would be this multi-functional and from what I've seen you've played a blinder, great job!

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I'm loving this tool

I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work, I'm a big fan of the app and I just started using it. I have no complaints whatsoever and I hope I can help somehow......I really hope this app pops off between ED players. I'm loving this tool.

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This product is absolutely outstanding

This product is absolutely outstanding. And you need to hear that and i need to say it. I've waited for so long for someone to come along and do exactly what you have done. I've generally only messed around with Roccat and HCS until now. So thank you from the dregs of my soul. I love it.

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Thoroughly impressed

Great bloody effort though buddy am thoroughly impressed so far!

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Looks awesome

This software looks awesome.

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Wow, amazing work, thank you!!!

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The best I've seen

Thank you for your support and congrats and such a good piece of software... It is the best I seen

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Great little tool

Thank you for making this GREAT little tool.....I can't stress enough how much your app has improved immersion for the game... Thank you once again!

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Very good start!

Going to watch this with interest! Very good start!

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much for this piece of software. I wanted something like this for years

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Just wanted to thank you for all the work!

The work you've done has made the game that much more immersive. I appreciate all that you do for the project and look forward to updates!

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Thank you you are a Genius!

I want to say that I have bought GG, TP and have tried others to play ED but CD is Light Years beyond them! You have done one FANTASTIC job that NOTHING else even comes close to CD

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Thank you very much!

I just have to save I love love love this software.
I appreciate your time and effort so much for making this happen

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