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    Welcome to Elite Dangerous Cougar Display

    Cougar Display is a graphical Elite Dangerous tool

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    Extend your cockpit...

    Bring your cockpit to life, with realtime graphical displays of in-game events

Welcome to Cougar Display

Elite Dangerous Cougar Display (ED:CD) is a graphical enhancement for PC users of Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous Odyssey (third party tool).

ED:CD is an OpenGL application designed to run on a second screen or USB monitors and is best used with a pair of MFD Cougars or touch screen monitors.
If you don't have those, then a tablet or second monitor with keyboard / mouse will work just fine too.

Using the Elite APIs, the application is able to add that extra layer of immersion and render good looking images from in-game events.

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Cougar Display - screen display

Custom Cockpits

Design your own custom cockpits.
Customise the layouts, change colour schemes.
Simple key binding options.

No need for T.A.R.G.E.T software.
No 3rd party software needed.
Configure your ship's text to speech voice, as well as NPCs.

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  • Cougar Display - Console designer
  • Cougar Display - Custom console

Dynamic Displays

Real-time animation of in-game events.
Support for fleet carriers, mining, ship targeting, SLF launching, engineering, orrery and much more!

Display additional and helpful information back to the commander.

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  • Cougar Display - Weapons console
  • Cougar Display - Signal Sources console
  • Cougar Display - Shipyard console
  • Cougar Display - SLF console
  • Cougar Display - Docking console
  • Weapons console
  • Cougar Display - SRV console
  • Cougar Display - Fleet Carrier console
  • Cougar Display - Landing pad assist
  • Cougar Display - Mining console
  • Cougar Display - Orrery

Mission Optimiser / Commodity Search

Calculates the most efficient route between star systems as each new mission is accepted or completed.

Fully automated and in real-time, a list of optimal destinations are shown to the commander.
Whilst en-route, visit stations to buy mission commodities - integrated into the optimiser.
Visualise routes with an integrated galaxy map route plotter.

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Cougar Display - Mission optimiser UI

Analyse your Exploration

Record and discover intersting items from the journals during your exploration of the galaxy so you can take a closer look.

Quickly locate stellar items of interest.

Customise the settings to suit individual commanders.
Auto convert screenshots to PNG and add system location to the filenames.

Bookmark systems for quick reference.

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  • 7Commander's console
  • Settings
  • Live events

Chat Viewer

Separate view window with discrete areas for NPC chat, player chat, wings and squadron messages.
Simplifies the display of messages by resizing the space for viewing them to make them more readable.

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Chat Console


MFD Cougar Display screens in action whilst docking, jumping and mining.
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Enhance the look and feel of your cockpit

Optional Hardware / Resources

Here you can find links to tools and resources which can help you customise your Elite Dangerous MFD Cougar Display.
Find monitors, touch screens and other devices (such as MFD Cougars) and integrate them into exciting cockpits for extra realisum.
Read up on the research others have done, build upon their ideas, or even add a few of your own using third party tools from the web.

You'll find links to all of these below... Fly safe Commander o7

thrustmaster MFD Cougar pack

Click to visit site

Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack

Adds an extra layer of immersion by making the application more interactive as a tool


Thrustmaster MFD Cougar User manual

Thrustmaster Cockpit setup document

  • 7inch screen
  • 7inch screen
  • 7inch screen
  • 7inch screen
  • 7inch screen
  • 7inch screen
  • 7inch screen

Additional Monitors

Various 7" and 8" LCD monitors, touch screen, usb powered, HDMI enthusiast screens...

See the monitor section in the technical guide for purchase ideas

Cockpit Building

• CMDR Carlos Sim Pit and powered by Cougar Display
• Cockpits built with Cougar Display Gallery
• CMDR HighwayWarrior's LCD assembly blog
• LCD mounting ideas Klutch
• Full custom cockpit Mudspike
• CubeSim Cougars with screens. Really neat and beautifully made.
• WingWing MFD displays. WingWing shop
• How to build your own button box YouTube
• Custom components Thumb Joysticks
• How to build cool devices Real Robots

cockpit building - black perspex

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Acrylic Sheets

Black plastic sheets can be cut to fit the size of the monitors to give a custom look to the cockpit display...or build your own simpit

wingwing top gun mip

MFD Screens

3rd party custom hardware to support your simpit