Cougar Display is a 32-bit windows OpenGL 4.5 application. There are no plans for any other platform.

There are no dependancies upon any 3rd party software (not even .NET). There's no need to use Thrustmaster's T.A.R.G.E.T software to bind key mappings - it's handled by the application.
Getting Started

Simply unzip the package, extract to a folder of your choice and launch the executeable (it does take 15 seconds or so to start so please be patient).
I reccomend reading the quick start section of the user manual as it explains everything.


This project has taken over a year of my life and inccured significant reseach costs.
I would dearly like to get rewarded for all the love, time, effort and cost put in; primarily so I can justify continuing to provide updates!

What? You would like to subscribe and help fund the next release? I thank you so very much.
Click this handy Patreon link!

Patreon Licensing

I know everyone wants something for free, me included!

But I have to be realistic. As someone who was unpaid last year, I would like to ask for a very small amount from each user. You probably woun't even notice it's that small; I'm hoping there's enough enthusiasm from the loyal fan base to make this project worth while.

Please visit the Patreon site and subscribe. I can assure you the level of effort behind this app and the sheer volume of features is worth it!

No License / First Time Download

The application will work without a license, but will periodically display a count-down timer (journal reading/recording will still continue in the background however, so your exploration discoveries will still be up-to-date).
This will allow you to evaluate and try out EDCD for a while.