Feature Summary

This is just a short summary of the features; please refer to the full features reference for a complete description with images and explaination.

All other documentation can be found on the documents page (comprehensive user manual, technical guides and trobleshooting)

Customisable Cockpit Displays

  • Cougar users can use the rocker switches to change aspects of the display dynamically
  • Almost zero configuration. A single click of the mouse is all that is needed
  • Runs minimised in the system tray.
  • Simply click on the icon to bring up the menus to reconfigure settings, position windows, etc.
  • Editor to create your own custom information panel displays

Text to Speech Synthesis and Speech Events Editor

  • Brings Elite Dangerous to life by making NPCs ‘talk’.
  • Multiple pirates, station controllers and system authority NPCs (up to 5 simultaneously) can be assigned different voices and roles for automatic speech synthesis.
  • Assign a unique synthetic voice as an assistant to your Elite COVAS voice.
  • Assign a set synthetic voices to used by system authorities / police.
  • Assign a set synthetic voices to used by station controllers / Fleet Carriers.
  • Assign a set synthetic voices to used by malevolent NPCs.
  • Specify which game events fire a text to speech.
  • Specify what set phrases are used by the covas assistant.
  • Speech events can be customised into different languages.
  • Fine tune voice filter effects.

Air Traffic Control - Simulated Space Station Traffic Chatter

  • Enhances supercruise trips with background simulated chatter.
  • Simulates busy star ports with backbround radio chatter, with tunable parameters.
  • Voices synthesised and passed through multiple audio filters to make the sounds more "authentic" and suitable for that classic NASA chatter.
  • Other ambient sounds intermix with the chatter and pan around your speakers.
  • Radio chatter text displayed whilst in system space and/or supercriuse (customisable)
  • Included - NASA's Apollo 11 Moon landing transcript
  • A simple, fully customisable script / "langauage"

POI / Navigation Heading Assistant

  • Enhances supercruise trips with background simulated chatter.
  • Use the user interface and set your own logitude and latitude settings
  • Fully automatic calculation of the heading (once you approach the target planet)
  • An optional, overlay window can be position ontop of Elite Dangerous
  • Customisable font colour and size

GalaxyMap Enhancement

  • Neutron star route plotting - shows detail route using shortest possible numper of jumps
  • 3D Model of the galaxy
  • Mission Route Optimiser - shows route visually in the galaxy map
  • Rotate, pan and zoom the plotted route
  • System names copied to clipboard for easy entry into Elite
  • Seamless transition into an Orrey view


  • Beautifully rendered and animated view of the systems you have discovered
  • Use the UI to quickly discover and visualise/filter the different kinds of planets
    • Terraformed states
    • Atmosphere types
    • Atmosphere composition
    • Composition type (Metallic/Rocky/Icy)
  • Visualise the orbit shapes, planet rotations, orbits, types and compositions
  • Integrated into the Galaxy Map


  • Interactive blueprint of the current ship
  • View installed modules
  • Select modules for information
  • Engineering levels displayed
  • View module position on blueprint schematic

Quickly search for specific stations

  • Find highest selling prices for your mined minerals (near you)
  • Locate special material trader / tech broker stations

Visual and Audio Information Announcements

  • Performs cargo limpet checks when undocking
    • Prospector and cargo limpet controller
    • Recon and repair limpets
    • Hatch breaker limpets
  • Crew member check for ships with SLF fighter hangar
  • Conflict Zone warning
  • Anarchy system warning
  • High security system warning
  • Compromised nav beacon announcement
  • Hazardous Resource Extraction Site announcement
  • High value targets announced – see piracy
  • Hot Target announcements – see mercenary
  • Low fuel level warnings
  • Docking rejection warnings, including the reason for refusal
  • Notoriety level warnings
  • Criminal activity warnings
  • Capital ship presence

Visual Aids

  • Heading assistant
  • Landing pad docking assistant (Orbis, Ocellus, Coriolis, MegaShip, FleetCarrier, Asteroid Base)
  • Mining assistant – information on prospected asteroids
  • Docking assistant – information on available services
  • Target ship assistant – shield/hull health, legal status, Cmdr name, human player indicator
  • Notification of impending (NPC) interdiction
  • Notification of remaining jumps to final destination
  • Notice board with the 10 most recent announcements
  • High gravity warning
  • FSD Jump ready indicator

Fleet Carrier Support

  • Audio and visual warning of impending decommission
  • Tracking of carrier finances
  • Tracking of carrier crew/roles

Mission Running Game play additions

  • Use the Mission Explorer module to optimise routes
  • Auto calculate the fastest route between systems
  • Auto searches for optimal station to buy mission cargo

Piracy / Mercenary Game play additions

  • Ships equipped with cargo manifest scanners – visual and audio indication of ships with high value
  • cargo (this feature is currently waiting for Frontier to address a missing event in the Journal logs)
  • Targets with a bounty are highlighted and announced
  • Entry into High security systems is announced
  • Hatch breaker limpet checks on undock

Bounty Hunting Game play additions

  • Record and search for systems with Compromised Navigation Beacons (CNB) and Hazardous Resource Extraction sites (HAZ Res)
  • Missing SLF pilot check and announcement

Mining Game play addition

Ships equipped for mining:

  • Quickly search for highest selling stations for max profit!
  • Limpet check reminder upon undocking
  • Tracks minerals refined (per session)
  • Tracks current limpet count (per session)
  • Display of the cargo total, remaining limpets and materials refined
  • Mining assistant – information on prospected asteroids
  • Hotspot record and search - automatically shows info on the system when starting a jump

Exploration Enhancement

  • Graphical effect for planetary landings
  • Automatic switching to suitable consoles when in Analysis mode
  • Automatic screenshot to PNG converter, including renaming the files
  • Commander’s Log – Captures a log of strange and interesting systems encountered on your journey.
  • Automatic console switching
  • Search and record POI signal sources
  • Bookmark star systems and make notes


  • Shipyard blueprint
  • Ship loadout analysis
  • Interactive menu system
  • Visualise module placement
  • View each module's engineering
  • Two independant and simultaneous displays

Simplified Configuration

  • One - click automatic key binding and synchronisation between Elite and EDCD application.
  • (With one click, all the key bindings required by this application are brought over to Elite by replacing unused bindings, or, as a fall-back, secondary keyboard bindings.)

Customisable COVAS Assistant Voices

  • Select your preferred Windows TTS voice to accompany COVAS.
  • Select other voices for system authority vessels and select/deselect voices for use by NPCs.
  • Built-in utility included for voice selection and testing.
  • Methods available for the possible expansion of available voices for all users of Windows 10! See the separate guide on this topic.

Flexible Screen Layouts

  • Position the output windows on any monitor
  • Re-size the windows and margins so that the rendered output matches the dimensions of the secondary monitors.
  • Switch roles between the consoles.


  • Plenty of tweakable settings to adjust colours and layout positioning and element sizing.
  • Add / remove icons, rebind keys, show or hide labels