Feature Summary

This is just a short summary of the features; please refer to the full features reference for a complete description with images and explaination.

All other documentation can be found on the documents page (comprehensive user manual, technical guides and trobleshooting)

Customisable Cockpit Displays

  • Cougar users can use the rocker switches to change aspects of the display dynamically
  • Almost zero configuration. A single click of the mouse is all that is needed
  • Runs minimised in the system tray.
  • Simply click on the icon to bring up the menus to reconfigure settings, position windows, etc.
  • Editor to create your own custom information panel displays

Odyssey & Engineering

  • Display custom panels with Odyssey suit/weapon/module engineering
    • Get notification when engineer upgrade is available
    • Display progress towards a specific blueprint
  • Display active missions

Text to Speech Synthesis and Speech Events Editor

  • Brings Elite Dangerous to life by making NPCs ‘talk’.
  • Multiple pirates, station controllers and system authority NPCs (up to 5 simultaneously) can be assigned different voices and roles for automatic speech synthesis.
  • Assign a unique synthetic voice as an assistant to your Elite COVAS voice.
  • Assign a set synthetic voices to used by system authorities / police.
  • Assign a set synthetic voices to used by station controllers / Fleet Carriers.
  • Assign a set synthetic voices to used by malevolent NPCs.
  • Specify which game events fire a text to speech.
  • Specify what set phrases are used by the covas assistant.
  • Speech events can be customised into different languages.
  • Fine tune voice filter effects.

Air Traffic Control - Simulated Space Station Traffic Chatter

  • Enhances supercruise trips with background simulated chatter.
  • Simulates busy star ports with backbround radio chatter, with tunable parameters.
  • Voices synthesised and passed through multiple audio filters to make the sounds more "authentic" and suitable for that classic NASA chatter.
  • Other ambient sounds intermix with the chatter and pan around your speakers.
  • Radio chatter text displayed whilst in system space and/or supercriuse (customisable)
  • Included - NASA's Apollo 11 Moon landing transcript
  • A simple, fully customisable script / "langauage"

POI / Navigation Heading Assistant

  • Enhances supercruise trips with background simulated chatter.
  • Use the user interface and set your own logitude and latitude settings
  • Fully automatic calculation of the heading (once you approach the target planet)
  • An optional, overlay window can be position ontop of Elite Dangerous
  • Customisable font colour and size

GalaxyMap Enhancement

  • In-game/Mission/Manual Route Plotting
  • Neutron star boost route plotting - shows detailed route using shortest possible numper of jumps
  • 3D Model of the galaxy
  • Mission Route Optimiser - shows route visually in the galaxy map
  • Rotate, pan and zoom the plotted route
  • System names copied to clipboard for easy entry into Elite
  • Seamless transition into an Orrey view


  • Beautifully rendered and animated view of the systems you have discovered
  • Use the UI to quickly discover and visualise/filter the different kinds of planets
    • Terraformed states
    • Atmosphere types
    • Atmosphere composition
    • Composition type (Metallic/Rocky/Icy)
  • Visualise the orbit shapes, planet rotations, orbits, types and compositions
  • Display newly discovered planets
  • Integrated into the Galaxy Map


  • Interactive blueprint of the current ship
  • View installed modules
  • Select modules for information
  • Engineering levels displayed
  • View module position on blueprint schematic

Quickly search for specific stations

  • Find highest selling prices for your mined minerals (near you)
  • Locate special material trader / tech broker stations

Visual and Audio Information Announcements

  • Performs cargo limpet checks when undocking
    • Prospector and cargo limpet controller
    • Recon and repair limpets
    • Hatch breaker limpets
  • Crew member check for ships with SLF fighter hangar
  • Conflict Zone warning
  • Anarchy system warning
  • High security system warning
  • Compromised nav beacon announcement
  • Hazardous Resource Extraction Site announcement
  • High value targets announced – see piracy
  • Hot Target announcements – see mercenary
  • Low fuel level warnings
  • Docking rejection warnings, including the reason for refusal
  • Notoriety level warnings
  • Criminal activity warnings
  • Capital ship presence

Visual Aids

  • Heading assistant
  • Landing pad docking assistant (Orbis, Ocellus, Coriolis, MegaShip, FleetCarrier, Asteroid Base)
  • Mining assistant – information on prospected asteroids
  • Docking assistant – information on available services
  • Target ship assistant – shield/hull health, legal status, Cmdr name, human player indicator
  • Notification of impending (NPC) interdiction
  • Notification of remaining jumps to final destination
  • Notice board with the 10 most recent announcements
  • High gravity warning
  • FSD Jump ready indicator

Fleet Carrier Support

  • Audio and visual warning of impending decommission
  • Tracking of carrier finances
  • Tracking of carrier crew/roles

Mission Running Game play additions

  • Use the Mission Explorer module to optimise routes
  • Auto calculate the fastest route between systems
  • Auto searches for optimal station to buy mission cargo

Piracy / Mercenary Game play additions

  • Ships equipped with cargo manifest scanners – visual and audio indication of ships with high value
  • cargo (this feature is currently waiting for Frontier to address a missing event in the Journal logs)
  • Targets with a bounty are highlighted and announced
  • Entry into High security systems is announced
  • Hatch breaker limpet checks on undock

Bounty Hunting Game play additions

  • Record and search for systems with Compromised Navigation Beacons (CNB) and Hazardous Resource Extraction sites (HAZ Res)
  • Missing SLF pilot check and announcement

Mining Game play addition
Search EDSM for pristine metallic rinnged systems.

Ships equipped for mining:

  • Quickly search for highest selling stations for max profit!
  • Limpet check reminder upon undocking
  • Tracks minerals refined (per session)
  • Tracks current limpet count (per session)
  • Display of the cargo total, remaining limpets and materials refined
  • Mining assistant – information on prospected asteroids
  • Hotspot record and search - automatically shows info on the system when starting a jump

Exploration Enhancement

  • Graphical effect for planetary landings
  • Automatic switching to suitable consoles when in Analysis mode
  • Automatic screenshot to PNG converter, including renaming the files
  • Commander’s Log – Captures a log of strange and interesting systems encountered on your journey.
  • Automatic console switching
  • Search and record POI signal sources
  • Bookmark star systems and make notes


  • Shipyard blueprint
  • Ship loadout analysis
  • Interactive menu system
  • Visualise module placement
  • View each module's engineering
  • Two independant and simultaneous displays

Simplified Configuration

  • One - click automatic key binding and synchronisation between Elite and EDCD application. (With one click, all the key bindings required by this application are brought over to Elite by replacing unused bindings, or, as a fall-back, secondary keyboard bindings.)

Customisable COVAS Assistant Voices

  • Select your preferred Windows TTS voice to accompany COVAS.
  • Select other voices for system authority vessels and select/deselect voices for use by NPCs.
  • Built-in utility included for voice selection and testing.
  • Methods available for the possible expansion of available voices for all users of Windows 10! See the separate guide on this topic.

Flexible Screen Layouts

  • Position the output windows on any monitor
  • Re-size the windows and margins so that the rendered output matches the dimensions of the secondary monitors.
  • Switch roles between the consoles.


  • Customisable console designs
  • Plenty of tweakable settings to adjust colours and layout positioning and element sizing.
  • Add / remove icons, rebind keys, show or hide labels

Community Sharing

  • Publish and share your console designs
  • Quickly import shared consoles