Change Log

Version Date Change
Version March 2023
  • Additional fix for the flashing panels feature
Version March 2023
  • Fix for the flashing panels feature
Version March 2023 Additions:
  • Custom Panel Designer
    • Panels are list on the left hand side for easy selection (particularly hidden/overlapped panels)
    • Panel position/dimensions rounded on save - to prevent frame misalignment due to excessive floating point precision
  • Custom Panels - Elite Status
    • Panels flash when Elite has one of the following states set: Fuel Scooping, Low Fuel, FSD Charging, FSD Hyperdrive, In Danger, Interdiction, Overheating, Silent Running, Low Oxygen, Low health
    • Control the flash rate and whether to flash or not from the MFDCougar.ini file
  • Cargo list - exception decoding cargo manifest
  • Custom panels - altitude - AUTO title area
  • Custom panels - theme alpha transparency
Version February 2023 Fixes:
  • Theme colours/Panel colours
  • Engine/weapon/shield pip graphics drawing in wrong position
Version February 2023 Fixes:
  • Fixed the re-sizing OpenGL windows when clicking pause/resume system tray menu
  • Mission Explorer - Commodity search - incorrect SQL statement built when primary query is not set to "combined"
  • Console Designer - TextureFX Editor - added missing bmp\custom folder when creating custom textures
  • Joystick slider\Axis enumeration
  • Custom console theme colour:
    • incorrectly applying to multiple consoles
    • prevent the theme alpha (transparency) from overriding the panel alpha (allows each panel to set the alpha)
  • Custom Panels - fix the drawing position of Weapons, Engine, shield custom panels when the custom console has a menu title present
  • Custom Panels - Titles can be right aligned (default), left or centred. Text is trimmed for white space
  • Custom Panel - Galnet RSS feader panel
    • Switches off ATC chatter when reading news
    • Refresh Interval
    • Display Images/full article/summary
    • Assign hotkeys - display next/prev article/ read article / toggle full screen
    • Text to Speech
Version January 2023
  • User Interface to toggle the journal type (legacy 3.8 / Client 4.0)
  • Fixes to custom icons editor - can now save custom icons on first time use
  • Journal additions:
    • Status Flags2 added to custom panels
    • (legacy) appended to commander name if Elite/Horizons 3.8 detected in the journal file
  • FSD Hyperdrive Charging state flag added to MFD Layout Editor (allows tracking both supercruise & Hyperjump FSD charging)
Version December 2022
  • Improvement to minimize application to system tray with multiple active OpenGL context windows
  • Changes to Custom Icon Editor:
    • Correctly allows multiple textures in the texture sets and adds xml nodes
    • Adds ability to switch between icon sets and ability to delete icon sets
  • Fixes to Layout Editor:
    • Radio Chatter: fixed icon assignment bug
    • Hotkey assignments to buttons
    • Play sound when MFD button pressed
    • Latch button presses
Version November 2022
  • Fix to Callouts.json - Lakon spelling mistakes corrected
  • Journal Events - improved journal reading (prevent skipped events)
  • Added support for the following events: FuelReservoir
  • Better cargo limpet tracking following changes to Odyssey updates
  • Commander's Log:
    • Added ability to search EDSM for pristine metallic ringed systems (useful mining tool)
    • Codex entry query
  • Explorer Log:
    • Fixed issue with importing commodities
    • Optimised commodity searching (downloading/import/search)
Version September 2022 Odyssey update #13 support:
  • Added new journal event NavRouteClear
  • Added DestinationSettlement as a new optional parameter for the MissionAccepted event
  • Added Genuses parameters in SAASignalsFound event
Version June 2022 Odyssey update #12 support:
  • Fix for navigation custom panel
  • Fix for SAASignalsScan journal event
  • Added FSSBodySignal journal event
  • Added fleet carrier specific messages to countdown timer
Version May 2022 Cubesim/Android tablet:
  • Fix for some users occasionally having issues when launching MFDCougar from any monitor other than the main monitor.
Version May 2022 FleetCarrier - various fixes including:
  • Corrected location updates
  • Odyssey updates to finances (rearm,refuel,repair,pioneer tax rates)
  • Odyssey planet filter
Weapons console:
  • fix to Target pilot name and rank
Application launching:
  • MFD Cougar – display window titles on first start
  • Single thread – debug option
Key Press:
  • Added delay between switching to Elite Window and sending keys
  • results in better Elite key press processing
MFDLayout Editor:
  • Custom key presses assignments to buttons
  • Can override the MFD_Iconset.xml default key assignments
Version April 2022 Odyssey update #11:
  • Journal fix
  • Launch SRV – now detects SVR Scorpion
  • Telepresence/Physical crew status flags
  • INI file setting to toggle new Journal file naming convention
Community browse and install custom consoles and iconsets
Custom Panel Colour Themes
New Custom panels:
  • Dynamic widgets, graphs and bars, moving things
  • Draw Galaxy, with position marker
  • Custom Background
  • Spinning texture ui materials
Fleet Carriers:
  • fix to track the location when not on board after it jumps
  • added faction tracking to jump event
  • fixed displaying fc roles in conjunction with fc shipyard
SAA Scan Complete:
  • Fixed configurable option to open EDSM website to display body information
NASA Script:
  • Fixed some wrong actor assignments, plus some de-personalisation of the script
Journal Imports (Commander's Log):
  • Fixed some journal data issues causing exceptions during import (invalid star types)
  • Fixed some database field lengths too small to contain body scan parent IDs
  • Fixed an array size limitation of loadout event - max engineer modules too small
Version March 2022 Shader fix - Orrey displaying wrong background effects:
Version March 2022 Multiple language support (UI static text):
  • English, French, German
Surface Scanning a planet:
  • optionally opens website to display info
Improvements to system clock out-of-sync checks
Improvement to Nav Route Custom Panel:
  • Now shows coloured icon next to each system name
New Custom panels:
  • Ship manufacturer logo (Lakon, Core Dynamics, etc)
  • System faction info (name, reputation, security level, active states)
  • SRV/Scorpion or dynamically switch to/from Ship
BulkAssign Key press:
  • Merging keybinds will use MFD_Iconset_Custom.xml (rather than MFD_Iconset.xml) if the custom file exists
MFDLayout Editor:
  • Can select RGB colours from a colour picker
Version February 2022 Orrery:
  • When approaching planet, displays planet information automatically (no longer runs demo mode)
  • Better planet lighting when selecting to view a specific planet
Chat Log:
  • Friend chat directed to Wing chat region
Mission Explorer:
  • Mission Optimiser tab now shows active states in the current system alongside the current system name
FSD Jump:
  • Speech event for hostile factions (warns you if there are hostile factions in the system)
  • hostile factions added to notice board
Layout Editor:
  • Odyssey (OnFoot and OnFootWeapons) layouts corrected (fixes key assignments not working)
  • MFD_Iconset.xml/MFD_Layout.xml amended to link Description attribute with IconName attribute (Odyssey icons)
Support for custom icons:
  • Clones existing icon set for easy customisation
  • Support for separate alpha channel
  • Allows additional icons to be added
Version January 2022 Odyssey patch 9 support:
  • SRV scorpion
  • Multi-Limpet controller
Improvements to Custom Nav Panel:
  • Fixes occasional 'random' background fill
  • Better font resizing between nav plotting
  • Better drawing of the navigation route
Mission Explorer:
  • Plot Elite Galaxymap now actually performs EDSM lookup (reduces spurious 'undiscovered')
Fixes foriegn language decimal symbol other than period (.) charcater
Layout editor max font size increased to 100 pixels
Version December 2021 Orrery:
  • New filter - new discoveries
  • New discoveries tagged with blue diamond
  • "Via EDSM" if sourced from EDSM
  • New discoveries added to Orrery
Mission Explorer:
  • Galaxymap now plots route directly from Elite's glaxymap route
  • Waypoints are automatically added (from the NavRoute.json) when a route is plotted in-game
  • Route summary shows if the systems are scoopable and if they are already discovered (database, EDSM, undiscovered)
Version November 2021 Application skins - new skins, skin selection persisted
Minor fix to slider font
Odyssey - Engineering:
  • Extra Ammo Capacity - recipie fix
  • Inventory update following suit/weapon upgrade
Version October 2021 Altitude custom panel - can now also double as fuel gauge
New Custom Panels - Ship Name, Ship Type, Ship Role
Odyssey Custom Panels - Engineering:
  • Suit upgrades
  • Weapon upgrades
  • Suit and Weapon modules
  • Mission List
Version August 2021 Joystick button behaviour overrides Odyssey - displays weapon mods Bug fixes
Occasional crash when switching between custom panels
Mercenary rank fix
NASA audio script - uses Security voice rather than malevolent
Version July 2021 Added missing volume for Covas, Police and NPC voice synthesis
Version July 2021 Reduce memory footprint - EDDB Commodities deferred until needed
Recompile for 3GB support - allow more TTS voices to load
SpeechEvents - 4 new events added (Passenger Liner,Police/Security,Military,Search and Rescue chatter)
Odyssey - update 5 support
StylesMenu - supports the default carbon (dark grey) and Windows themes. Useful to switch to Windows theme if the carbon theme doesn't render properly.
Bug fixes:
  • SAPI.ini - bug fixes to the initial TTS voice detection.
  • Galaxy Map - fixed divide by zero bug when Mission Route Optimier has plotted a route.
  • Galaxy Map - display Orrey - fixed issue where the Route optimisation plotter starts the camera animation but when it gets too close to a node, the orrey shows instead of the completing the camera animation.
  • Orrery - fixed issue whereby orbit lines were not picking up their colours from the System Layout (Icon on / off colour attributes)
Version June 2021 Joystick processing uses DirectX input rather than Windows Joystick APIs
Fixes issue of sometimes not detecting Cougar Joysticks
Version June 2021 Flexible joystick assignments to consoles - allows assignments of custom made "Cougar" joysticks
Suit - now shows "shields on" graphic
Custom Panel - Odyssey status flags
Health/Oxygen (On Foot) - truncates health to max of 5 digits
Fuel gauge - better rendering
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed exception caused by voice effects system getting overwhelmed by too many voices
  • Status bits - key press - prevent multiple mouse clicks whilst first is still active
  • Speech Events - MissionFailed now retrieves correct phrases
  • Rank (custom panel) - no longer displays Odyssey ranks when in Horizons
  • Rank/progression events are always read from the journal
  • Nasa_script.txt - conversations were using Malevolent role voices instead of security role voices
  • Updated journal backpack events due to Odyssey patches
Version June 2021 Bug fixes - voice selection dialog fixes
Version June 2021 Speech Events Editor - can fully cusomise phrases and control when a speech event triggers
In-game Elite events generating speech will now use the voices defined by roles (station, system authority, maleviolent, everyone else)
Start FleetCarrier jump / Odyssey Book Taxi & Dropships - auto start countdown timers
Custom Panels can now have blank title(s) - resulting in no menu across the top
Bug fixes:
  • Odyssey - updated journal events and statuses following game release
  • Layout editor - button options (enabled/IcontextcolourOff) now persist to XML correctly
  • Altitude (custom panel) wasn't always working as intended
  • Altitude and Fule gauges - improved texture rendering (especially with large gauges)
  • Ship (custom panel) was drawn shifted due to panel title/menu area
  • Speech synthesis - fixed incorrectly applying pitch and filter effects to COVAS assistant voice
  • Auto update - now makes backups of potentially customised files
  • Version 1.901 May 2021 Bug fix - Role assignment - changing the number of displays
    Background EDDB imports
    Version 1.900 May 2021 Elite Odyssey support
    Customisable weapon console active target animation delay
    Dynamic volume assignment – ATC Radio chatter (via joystick / button press)
    Dynamic Market custom panel (Import/Export commodities)
    Odyssey Player Vitals custom panel (health/oxygen/temperature/gravity)
    Odyssey suits/weapons statistics custom panel (credits,bought,sold,upgrades)
    Hyperwarp custom panel – new animation sequence of starting FSD jump
    FSSMaterials custom panel can display elements by name or symbol. Highlights materials with less than 50% of max capacity
    Mission Log – can now import waypoints from text files
    support for custom MFD hardware
    CubeSim compatibility support
    Autoshutdown when Elite closes
    Layout Editor and key binding bug fixes
    Version 1.800 April 2021 Custom panels – automatic menu system (to switch between custom panels) with hot keys
    Custom panels – can assign keypress and background flashes on press
    Landing pad assistant – can now reverse image
    Low fuel warning (hyperspace jump, custom panels fuel gauge)
    Fleetcarrier – Carrier statistics (finance) – human readable currency
    FleetCarrier – uses TargetText font and colour from XML file
    Windows Monitor scaling – no longer affects window size and positions
    FSS / DSS scans – better noticeboard descriptions
    Fix to COVAS assistant (wrong voice)
    Version 1.700 March 2021 New feature: ATC space radio chatter - replacing NASA Space Radio chatter.
    New: Custom panels - ship ident, ship manufaturer, Elite Ranks.
    New: Additional icons in the MFDIconset.xml (Masslocked, FSD Cooldown, FSD Charging, Analysis mode, Supercruise (change of icon)
    Cockpit Layouts - Icon text can be taken from OffColour attribute instead of OnColour attribute.
    Heading Overlay - output in km rather than m but displaying as km; Can customise font size and colour (Commander's Log - Navigation tab)
    Docking assistant - improvements to the logic and layout of megaship/fleetcarrier rendering
    Commander's Log - added volcansim to the list of interesting items; fixed eccentricity threshold not being applied
    Supercriuse - console - POI - No longer lists fleet carriers
    NPC chatter - cached voice used with NPC pilot (up to 3 minutes)
    Text to Speech - Can now choose audio playback device; NPC voices now have audio filters applied to them (same as Space Radio chatter simulation)
    Shipyard - added missing cobra/cobra mkiv
    Stabilty fix -When approaching orbital cruise, possible internal exceptions - noticeable when application closes.
    Version 1.611 Feb 2021 New feature: Flight console - FSD Jump status lights Custom panel designer - Clone panels and send to back/front menu items added. Custom Panels - Stats - "SellDrones" added to journal events processor. Custom Panels - Nav Route - prints trip distance (LY). Custom Panels - Certain panels have optional colours derived from MFD_Layout.xml Custom Panel - exploration panel (version 2) pre-built
    Version 1.610 Jan 2021 Custom panel designer - better screen user interface handling width/height input, Custom Panels - Materials - now shows materials of body when approaching orbital descent. FSS Discovery - now automatically updates when "all bodies found" event occurs. Game play - High gravity warning - on planet approach. Heading overlay window - now maintains Z order when active. Better multimonitor support - detecting and repositioning of display windows out of bounds from any monitor.
    Version 1.600 Jan 2021 New feature: Custom panel creation; panel editor; MFD role assignments to displays.
    Database upgrade - mission/route plotter now supports multiple cmdr accounts. Weapons console - ship targeting - Target text is centre aligned; engine / weapon pips displays retain their width:height ratios regardless of screen resolution. Shipyard now supports module sell/buy/swap/store journal events (it's not perfect, but the modules are now correctly tracked). Right and left click bring up menu from system tray icon. Bugs fixes: Journal location event fixes starpos decode issue. Orrery - fixes issue if system not in DB or EDSM. Improvement to orrery - uses either local database or EDSM to generate system, depending which has the most bodies.
    Version 1.511 Dec 2020 Replaced Asp ship image (was a type 9 previously). Shield shader changes (aspect ratio improvements)
    Version 1.510 Dec 2020 GalaxyMap bug fixes.
    Version 1.500 Dec 2020 New feature: Shipyard. Blueprint analysis of modules and engineering levels.
    Version 1.410 Nov 2020 Bug fixes: Journal decoding (cargo/limpets), plus additional debug switches added to Cougar.ini file. Update to CougarAutoUpdate.exe
    Version 1.400 Nov 2020 New features: Max 4 courgar displays; Master volume control. Enhancements: Number of joysticks raised from 6 to 10. Solar system demo mode improvements (camera tracking/ system name). Bug fixes: Layout editor, Journal decoding, Icon button press, key press routines, MFD_Layout.xml fixes. Updated user manual with new features and enhancements - better explaination of the layout editor.
    Version 1.310 Oct 2020 Improvements to AutoUpdate. Improved start-up logging. POI / Signal Sources / Station services - Font size is derrived from NoticeBoard attribute on the Exploration Layout. Journal Reader - fix Loadout cache parsing and saving. License file reading - deryption overflow fix. Misison Explorer - fixed Current ship display - cargo/pad size/fuel. Prevent EDDB import failures from crashing application. EDDB imports have been optimised for speed (and as a result Journal parsing has been optimised)
    Version 1.300 Oct 2020 Fixed SRV graphic when driving SRV. Fixed planetary pixel shader flicking on/off. Fixes and improvements to AutoImport.exe. Fixes to the license file download code. Moved all logging into the Logs folder. Added a new debug.log file when starting up to display loading errors (eg license file, EDDB import). Better touch screen/table support - new entry in MFDCougar.ini to support refocusing on Elite window rather than touch screen after button press. Space radio chatter - GUI controls for Morse code volume, GUI for radio voice filters, GUI for NASA script (formerly in the MFDCougar.INI file). Prevent EDDB import failures from crashing application.
    Version 1.201 Sept 2020 Paypal subscription option. Updated documentation and website. New Orrery UI, plus customisable background and shader support. Journal file reading/processing changes. Better missing journal file handing. Space radio chatter - control over volume of morse code beeps and timing of the radio chatter
    Version 1.200 Sept 2020 Orrery (plus Galaxymap integration). Space radio chatter - display text. Display message when journal file is missing. Mission Log UI - Fleet carrier filter and locate high selling stations based on BGS state. Auto hide heading overlay when docked. Re-enabled Layout editor button. Transparent LCD support. Auto update support
    Version 1.163 August 2020 Replacement uber effects pixel shader. Planet terrain effect was broken
    Version 1.162 August 2020 Replacement MFD_Iconset.xml - not using both Left and Right Shift
    Version 1.161 August 2020 Better touch screen support; Replacement MFD_Iconset.xml key binds
    Version 1.16 August 2020 Simulated space chatter; Heading assistant (POI latitude/longitude); Galaxy Map route plotter - waypoints;Persist cmdr ship ident to registry;cache EDSM lookups
    Version 1.15 July 2020 Exception on exit; Megaship/FleetCarrier landing pad assistant; Galaxy Map route plotter fixes; Font loading
    Version 1.13 June 2020 Various fixes