Change Log

Version Date Change
Version May 2024 Fleet Carrier
  • Can specify which carrier type to be displayed
  • Shows flight officer (captain role) crew member name
Layout Editor
  • Flight console - can select image type (blueprint/non-blueprint)
  • Fleet carrier console:
  • - select which carrier type to be displayed
    - specify fleet carrier type text
    - select fleet carrier type text colour
Version April 2024 Changes
  • More ship blueprint images for use with custom consoles
  • Joystick detection for Cubesim/F16 MFD Cougar joysticks
Version March 2024 Changes
  • Faster text to speech (ATC Chatter) particularly with CereProc voices which are CPU intensive. Rendering a voice to memory is now asynchronously performed in another thread.
  • Docking - Station landing pad fix for megaships/FleetCarriers
  • SpeechEvents - fix to docking denied event
  • Fixed OpenGL Core porting issue - Supercruise, printing system name whilst also rendering ship target text in analysis mode
Version November 2023 Changes
  • 64-bit Application
  • Wingwing button mapping
  • Custom Consoles - Hyperwarp
  • Galaxy map
Version October 2023
  • Support for WingWing MFD Joysticks
  • SpeechEvents added - SupercruiseDestinationDrop and SupercruiseDestinationDropHighThreat
Version September 2023 Opengl Core Profile
  • New OpenGL rendering engine
  • Removal of depreciated OpenGL functions